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Packing Material

Cartoon Box

We use 5-ply and7-ply fresh carton boxes. The carton boxes come in varied sizes for different uses. From customized monitor boxes, easy to handle smaller size books, big boxes for kitchen utensils, TV boxes and others.

Hard plastic Boxes

Maximum safety, Maximum durability. The Customised hard plastic boxes are used for crockery, glassware and other breakable. These are made of good quality hard plastic which gives maximum safety and durability during transportation and handling.

Wooden Crates

We have inhouse wood workshop to make customised wooden crates. The wooden crates are preferable for glasses, electronic goods, crockery and other fragile goods which need extra safety. The crates are customised made by taking the measurment of the goods. The goods are packed and then put in the crates.

Corrugated Rolls

Corrugated sheets are the most widely used packing material. It is used to pack furniture, and undimensional material. We use 5 ply and 7 ply superior quality corrugated roll.

Bubble sheet

Bubble sheet is used as a protective and cushion layer for electronic items, wood furniture, crockery and glassware, computer etc. Being a soft material its saves the outer layer of the material from getting damaged while handling and transportation. Crockery and glassware are packed and layered with bubble sheet to give them a shock absorbent packing.

Wooden pallets

Pallets are made of wood and are used as a base for heavy materials and equipements. It serves dual purpose of acting as a solid base to the material and facilitating the handling of material when lifting by fork lifters.

Foam Board or Thermocoel

Foam Board or thermocoel as it is commonly knoen is used to pad electronic goods, electrical appliances, glasses, mirrors, computers, wall painting, etc against shock and external damage. We use 1 inch to 5 inch thermocoel to pack different material as per its fragility and cushioning requirement

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes or gum tapes are used to seal the cartons, hold the packing together and is used in various other packing procedures. Our customized manufactured BOPP tapes offer aggressive adhesive properties which are ideal for wide variety of surface conditions, temperature extremes, and recycled cartons as well as cartons requiring hot humid, cold packing, storage for long periods and transportation.
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