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How much does a move cost?
This is the most frequently asked question and it has no definite answer. The cost of a move is based on many factors: weight, distance, length of time and the manpower involved. Local moves that are under 30 miles are based on an hourly rate, long distance moves are based on weight. The best option is to contact your local Tagore Logistic's branch and request a free estimate.

Doesn’t it cost more to use a full-service packer and mover like Tagore Logistic ?
When making the important decision of moving, it may seem as though doing it yourself is the most budget friendly option. However, after all factors are considered, hiring professional movers may be the more cost-effective solution. During a self-move, you are responsible for not only the cost of the rental moving truck, but for gas, tolls, lodging, food and other expenses. If it works out that the two moving options are comparably priced, or if professional movers are more expensive, consider what is gained by hiring a moving company.
Hiring professional movers saves you time, stress and effort. Also, the moving services are entrusted to highly trained professionals who can efficiently pack, load, unload and unpack your things. Heavy appliances, large furniture and fragile items are difficult to load securely and unload without incurring damage. Skilled professional movers have the expertise to handle these more difficult belongings. Also, if any damage is incurred during moving, or if the items are lost in transit, the moving company bears the responsibility. If you self-move, any repairs or replacements are borne by you.

What are the other advantages offered by a full-service professional packer and mover?
Other moving services are also made available by a moving company such as valuation protection and disassembly/assembly. With options ranging from self-service to white glove moving services, professional movers are the smartest option. The stress, planning and physical exertion involved with moving is taxing on the mind and body. By delegating your move to professional movers, you can have more time and energy to put into acclimating yourself and your family to your new environment.

How do I begin packing for a move?
Packing is one of the most important aspects of your move. It is recommended that you have proper moving boxes. Tagore Logistic offers three options for packing: full-service packing, fragile-only packing and self-pack. If self-pack is chosen, we can provide you with the necessary moving supplies such as moving boxes, barrels and stretchwrap. Other moving services offered by Tagore Logistic include disassembly and/or assembly of furniture and appliances. If you want your moving boxes unpacked as part of your long distance moving plan, just let us know. Your Tagore Logistic representative can also arrange for debris removal, storage, installation and assembly assistance.

Are my belongings insured while they are being moved?
Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies do not cover your belongings while they are in transit. Your Tagore Logistic representative can help you with Free Basic Liability Protection and Maximum Value Protection (programs that provide protection for your goods during a move) – yet another reason to make Tagore Logistic your moving company of choice.

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